Fighting against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), West China Hospital of Stomatology is in action

Just before the Chinese New Year holiday, COVID-19 epidemic hit our nation. According to the instruction from the National Health Commission and Health Commission of Sichuan Province, West China Hospital of Stomatology was quickly mobilized to fight in the front line and implemented comprehensive prevention and control measures. A special prevention and control task group has been set up to launch emergency responses in time to keep the normal order in our hospital. Optimized strategies has been taken to ensure the supply for medical protection gears and equipment. Thorough disinfection and cleaning is also applied through the hospital more frequently. Furthermore, a strict body temperature monitoring system was established to provide a more secure environment for our patients and staff.




Administrative meetings on epidemic prevention and control


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Daily check and inspection

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More and more staff volunteered to return to their posts





Full protection measures for our staff and patients


Online videos made by our staff for public education on COVID-19 prevention and control

West China Hospital of Stomatology is the only stomatological hospital in Chengdu that still open 24/7 during the epidemic period. In this particular time, many of our doctors and nurses have voluntarily suspended their holiday and returned to their duty without hesitation. In light of the special requirements of dental and oral treatment, our hospital has adjusted our service mode and launched free online consulting service so that more patients can get professional advice in a timely manner. Moreover, online videos were also made by our staff on various social media for public education on COVID-19 prevention and control.

Despite our shortage on medical supplies, West China Hospital of Stomatology managed to collect a number of surgical masks, disposable surgical gowns and face masks and shipped them to the Hospitals in WuHan. Many of our staff even donated their family protective supplies.