University Immersion Program (UIP)

  The two-week University Immersion Program (UIP) organized by Sichuan University is designed to convene students and faculty from all over the world to give short courses and lectures to both domestic and international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. UIP was initiated in 2012 and is now a regular long-term program.

  The West China School of Stomatology UIP aims to bring together dental students worldwide so as to give all participants an opportunity to associate and make friends with each other, and stimulate their global awareness and inter-cultural communications, to understand the similarities and differences in dental education and clinic. Therefore, besides the wonderful academic lectures and courses, the West China School of Stomatology UIP is also composed of other colorful events derive from the discipline, such as hand-skill training, clinical observation, hands-on competition, etc.

  The West China School of Stomatology UIP also offers the chance to study in a beautiful city and campus, as well as the opportunity to experience parts of China's culture (Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan Hot Pot). We believe the participants will have an academically fruitful summer vacation in West China School of Stomatology and this two weeks will also enable them to meet and communicate with Chinese students at Sichuan to get an understanding of their way of life.