National Demonstration Center for Experimental West China Stomatology Education (Sichuan University)

The predecessor of the National Demonstration Center for Experimental West China Stomatology Education (Sichuan University) is the Stomatology Teaching Laboratory of West China Medical University. The experimental teaching of stomatology in West China originated in 1917 and was born in synchrony with the earliest stomatological education in China. Dr. Lindsay, the first dean of West China College of Stomatology and the father of Chinese stomatology, attached great importance to experimental teaching at the beginning of the establishment of China's advanced stomatological education, and proposed the viewpoint that “the stomatological education without experimental teaching is not a true stomatological education”. It has affected the trend of higher stomatological education in China in the past century and laid the model for higher stomatological education in China today. He personally brought a series of basic experimental teaching tools such as microscopes from Canada, personally provided guidance on experimental courses of oral anatomy and oral physiology, organized faculties and hired technicians to make vivid oral diseases models made of plaster and wax which still has teaching value. Disease specimen model. The first batch of department heads and academic leaders of the vast number of stomatological colleges in China have been cultivated, which has enabled the experimental teaching mode of Huaxi oral cavity to be carried forward rapidly throughout the country.

Since the center became the first “National Demonstration Center for Experimental Stomatology Education (NDCESE)” construction unit in 2007, it has established the overall goal of building a domestic leading and international first-class training center which would be equipped with a new training model focusing on cultivation of innovative ability and early hand skills training. A "321" experimental teaching system, that is, "three modules (humanistic quality education, morphology education, functional science education), two series (simulation phantom experiments, basic skills experiments), one platform (basic innovation platform)" had been established. With the support of the Ministry of Education, the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, the “985” and “523” projects and post-disaster reconstruction project, with the leadership and support of Sichuan University, relying on the discipline and talents of the West China School of Stomatology, adhering to the talent cultivation concept of selecting talents, high standard, and strengthening abilities, exerting its own disciplinary advantages, NDCESE has achieved leap-forward development in reforming experimental education system and concept, experimental teaching achievements, management operation mechanism, experimental technical team construction, experimental environment conditions and other aspects, leading the development of experimental stomatology education in China, and exerting a strong radiation and demonstration role for experimental stomatology education in similar universities across the country. In the inspection and acceptance work of the Ministry of Education on the national demonstration center in 2012, the center successfully passed the acceptance in the first place in its group. At present, the center covers an area of about 4,000m2, which is the largest experimental stomatology education center in China that can accommodate 800 students for experimental teaching and innovative training at the same time.