Oral Biomedical Materials Science D10030102 54 teaching hours

  Oral biomedical materials science has already become a very important part in biomedical materials research field. This novel subject mainly focuses on the mechanism of interaction between the materials and the human body or the related organs, tissues, cells and molecules. In addition, it also pays close attention to the research on various kinds of oral materials used to repair or substitute the worn tissue as well as improve its related functions. The new breakthrough, technology and discovery in biomedical materials field can directly promote the oral biomedical materials science development.

  Meanwhile, the connection between oral biomedical materials and the oral clinical field is also very close. This course seeks to provide the related theory to the doctoral students, help them to be familiar with the recent development of this novel field and master the basic analysis and measurement technique of materials. This course will be very helpful to explain and solve the clinical problems, further expand the students’ knowledge, enlighten their innovation ability and finally make them become the stomatology professionals with basic knowledge of oral biomedical materials science.