Oral Microbiology D10030101 54 teaching hours

  Oral Microbiology is a basic subject of modern stomatology, and is one of the important contents of oral biology. The course of Oral Microbiology is started in 1991 and developed on the basis of Biological Engineering Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Health and Department of Oral Medicine. From 1993 to 2013, we have published a series of teaching books and monographs, including the first Oral Microbiology Monographs "oral microbiology and practical technology" (1993), "The Basic Microbiology of Oral Diseases" (1994), "Oral Ecology" (2000), "Oral Microbiology" (2001), "Practical Oral Microbiology and Technology" (2009),"Practical Atlas of Oral Microbiology" (2009), "Microbial Biofilms and Infection" (2012), "Oral Microecology" (2013). At present this course is mainly relying on State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Department of Oral Biology and Department of Oral Medicine. With the development of molecular biology, cellular biology, genomics, systematic biology and bioinformatics, oral microbiology has developed into a multidisciplinary and multilevel science from the traditional microbiology characterized by microbial isolation and cultivation. The course of Oral Microbiology mainly involves: Modulation of oral micro-ecological equilibrium and its relevance to systemic diseases. New techniques for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral infectious diseases.