Doctoral Professional Foreign Language 40 teaching hours

  Professional English(Doctor) is an important course based on the learning of College English and Master’s Professional English. By studying the advanced knowledge of professional English, students can master the grammatical features and vocabulary in professional English. Furthermore, they can cultivate skilled reading comprehension and professional translation ability gradually at a high level. Through the learning process, Students are required to read the professional literature smoothly and accurately, translate the articles with faithfulness, expressIveness and elegance. In this way, they can take the Professional English as a useful tool to obtain professional information timely and understand the latest progress in the field. The teaching form of Professional English(Master) includes reading the original professional books ,profession related patents and articles books abroad in class, giving specialized lectures and achieving a certain number of academic article reading after class. Students can master a large number of professional vocabulary and phrases, consolidate the learned grammar and improve the ability of professional English reading comprehension and translation at a high level.