Advances in Prosthodontics M10030207 54teaching hours

  Teaching objectives and requirements

  Advances in Prosthodontics mainly focus on the cutting-edge developments and new techniques in Prosthodontics. This course covers bone basic and clinical subjects related to oral prosthodontics, such as oral anatomy and physiology, science of dental materials, biomechanics oral implantology, oral medicine, oral aesthetics and et al.

  The goal of this course is to arise the motivation and enthusiasm of the students, as well as to improve their abilities of analyzing and solving problems. Students are required to learn the latest progress and techniques for Prosthodontics by self-learning and group discussion guided by the instructors.

  Content of the course

  The learning content of advances in Prosthodontics includes research progress and applications of dental materials, principles and clinical applications of aesthetic restorations, bonding technology of all-ceramic crowns、anterior dental aesthetic restoration, application of individualized implant abutment, treatment strategy for patients with insufficient alveolar bone, classification and clinical application of attachment for dentures、 design of aesthetic restoration and fine impression, developments in digitalized and functional restoration, occlusal reconstruction strategies.