Dental Materials 48 teaching hours

  Dental Materials is a professional course oriented to students of stomatology specialty. This course adopts two teaching modes as lectures and experiments. The main teaching contents comprise the classification and properties of dental materials, chemistry of polymer materials, impression materials, dental waxes, denture base resins, dental adhesive materials, dental ceramics, gypsum products, cements, investments for dental castings, solidification and structure of metals, wrought alloys, dental casting alloys, dental amalgam, dental implanted materials and so on. By studying this course, students can fully understand the basic theory of dental materials and get richer multi-disciplinary knowledge of science, engineering and medicine. Students can apply this knowledge to achieve the purpose of effectively using dental materials to replace and repair damaged oral tissue, organs and physiological oral forms and rebuilding their lost physiological functions in future clinical practice, thereby enabling students to master theory methods and techniques of contemporary natural science, to deeply understand relationship between dental materials and oral tissue structures and functions, and to provide theory basis and reasonable design for treating oral diseases and serving the society better on this basis.