Department of Cariology and Endodontics

  Department of Cariology and Endodontics is a clinical specialty including the diagnosis and treatment of dental hard tissue diseases, endodontic diseases. Treatment ranges included are as follows: 1. dental hard tissue diseases (dental caries, dental trauma, tooth discoloration, abrasion, dentin hypersensitivity, and cracked tooth), 2. endodontic diseases (pulpal trauma, pulpitis, and periodontitis), etc.

  Our department has developed modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for dental hard tissue diseases based on the concepts of “painless”, “minimally invasive”, “beautiful”, and modern root canal therapy techniques for pulpal and periapical diseases characterized by dental operative microscope, ultrasound, nickel-titanium instruments for root canal preparation, three-dimensional cleaning and filling of root canal system. Our department undertakes the tasks of preservation and restoration of residual crowns and roots of teeth, and diagnosis and treatment of complicated cases of dental and endodontic diseases.