The department of preventive dentistry

  The department of preventive dentistry of West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University was established in 1982, which is one of the most original preventive dentistry department in China. Nowadays, we play a significant role in medical, educational and scientific activities, as well as medical public welfare services featured by preventive dentistry. In clinic, we implement oral health managements both in adult and children, which contain regular dental examinations, prevention and treatments of dental caries (including risk assessments, applications of fissure sealant and fluoride, early diagnosis, decay filling, etc), endodontic or periapical diseases (including pulp capping, apexification, root canal therapy, crown restoration, etc), and periodontal diseases (including guidance of oral hygiene, risk assessments, periodontal non-surgical treatments, etc); we also carry out managements of dental aesthetics (including tooth bleaching, osmotic resin restoration, minimally invasive aesthetic restoration, etc). In addition, we are responsible for some public welfare researches, such as epidemiological investigation, oral health education and oral health promotion in communities or schools, comprehensive intervention project in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, and evaluations of oral health care products.