The Plastic and Cosmetic Center

  West China School/Hospital of Stomatology is the cradle of maxillofacial plastic surgery, and possesses the essence of the development of plastic surgery in China. The Plastic and Cosmetic Center includes 3 departments: maxillofacial plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic dentistry.

  Maxillofacial plastic surgery focuses on the maxillofacial deformity diorthosis, facial contour anaplasty, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and facial fat transplantation. The facial minimally invasive antiaging therapy contains botulinum toxin injection and hyaluronic acid filling.

  Cosmetic dermatology department introduces international advanced laser therapeutic instrument to treat pigmented dermatoses (nevus of Ota, freckles, etc.), vascular diseases (nevus flammeus, etc.) and other skin problems. Scar management, as a specialty of the department, includes injection, scar surgery and lattice laser treatment, forming a complete treatment system from the prevention to treatment of scar.

  Cosmetic dentistry mainly contains non-invasive cold light whitening and periodontal plastic surgery.