Department I of Prosthodontics I

  Department I of Prosthodontics I is the earliest established prosthodontic specialty in China. It is also one of the first National Key Clinical Specialties,Doctoral and Master's Academic Degree Granting Disciplines,and postdoctoral stations. The clinical, didactic and research power all take the leading level domestically. The department has strong technical strength with 6 professors (including 3 doctoral supervisors), 5 associate professors and 3 attending physicians.

  Department I of Prosthodontics features fixed restoration and minimally invasive esthetic teeth restoration. The restorative methods and materials used are most advanced in the world. Scope of business includes: 1. Crown restoration of tooth defects: all-ceramic crown, porcelain-fused-to-mental crown(PFM), metal crown, etc.; 2. Various denture restoration for dentition defect or edentulism: fixed denture, implant denture, resin-bonded fixed bridge, removable denture, complete denture, attachment denture, etc.; 3. Minimally invasive esthetic teeth restoration: veneers, inlays,onlays, etc.; 4. In addition, other technologies like teeth bleaching and ultra-thin veneer without tooth preperation as well as Computer-Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) chairside denture making have been applied .