The Department of Oral Implantology

  With pride as nationally recognized technology center and advanced rehabilitation team, The Department of Oral Implantology at West China Hospital of Stomatology is one of the only three National Key Clinical Specialties and the earliest established base of education, research, patient care, and public service in the field of Oral Implantology in China. Our department has a long history and lays a solid foundation for the development of Oral Implantology in China.

  The Department of Oral Implantology has programs for Master's degree and Doctor's degree as well as post-doctoral research station of Oral Implantology, awarded as State and Ministry Key Clinical Preponderant Discipline and supported by multiple province and city key science and technology projects.

  Built on advanced dental equipment and world-class implanting systems, our department provides patients with quality, affordable care of implant-retained restorations. Currently 24 comprehensive dental chairs and 5 special operation rooms as well as 9 professor and senior dental surgeons, 10 associate professor and dental surgeons, and 6 attending dental surgeons are appointable in our department.

  All dental surgeons have received systematic training for dental implant surgery abroad in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and raised many innovations and improvements in the aspect of oral implant surgery and restoration techniques, which were published in the world's leading journals of oral implantology. Furthermore, our department also consists of two specialty specialties focused on minimal invasive implant dentistry and jaw defect implant rehabilitation.Our patient care scopes include: 1. Crown restoration for tooth defects, including all-ceramic crown, PFM crown, metal crown, etc. 2. Implant-retained fixed partial dentures. 3. Implant-retained complete dentures Ground on the principle of “people-oriented, patient-centered”, our department will continue to offer state-of-the-art clinical care all the time.