The Department of Temporomandibular joint

  The Department of Temporomandibular joint is a clinical specialty department for temporomandibular joint disorders and other related diseases. Its specialty includes the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders, bruxism and severe dentition wear.

  The department has a sound process for clinical diagnosis. In addition to regular clinical and radiographic examinations, the department also runs the analysis of temporomandibular joint sounds and electromyography for masticatory muscles, which can help analyze the clinical problems in the orofacial structures in a more efficient way.

  The department conducts a number of clinical treatments for different pathological conditions and clinical manifestations, including physical therapy, intra-articular injection for temporomandibular joint, conventional and digital intra-oral splints, and digital occlusal rehabilitation for severe tooth wear. These clinical approaches effectively relieve the patient's symptoms and promote the recovery of the orofacial system.