The department of Pediatric Dentistry

  The department of Pediatric Dentistry, West China Hospital of Stomatology was established in 1948 as the first pediatric dental clinic in China. There are not only a nationally first-class medical team with high level of up to date technologies, but also comfortable and children-friendly environment. The subdivisions cover most common and difficult oral diseases of children and adolescents. Moreover, two national leading clinics were set to offer specific management for different population of children, including early interceptive orthodontic clinic for children’s malocclusion and sport mouth guard clinic. The scope of treatments include: establishment of children's oral health files, treatments for dental caries and pulp therapy, serial treatment for dental trauma of primary and young permanent teeth, management for dental developmental anomalies, space maintenance of premature loss of deciduous teeth, oral habits correction, early interceptive orthodontic treatment for malocclusion during primary and mixed dentition, occlusive developmental management and orthodontic treatment for young permanent dentition, comprehensive oral diseases prevention and management under general anesthesia and deep sedation for children with special care needs, young uncooperative and dental fear, frenectomy, extraction for supernumerary or impacted teeth for children and adolescents, etc.