West -district out-patient section

  West -district out-patient section, is a general stomatology out-patient section of West China Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University, which was set up in 1999 for the facility of providing medical service to the general public, and solving the difficulties in getting medical service of the general public. It has won lots of reputations since its setting up. Now there are 13 on-position doctors and nurses. There are 6 comprehensive treatment dental chairs. It covers wide diagnosis and treatment services, including oral surgery, oral medicine, the repair of periodontium and nonnasality, oral implant and orthodontia services. All doctors and nurses are qualified for providing complete general stomatological medical treatment services, besides, they are experienced in their specialities, varying from the repair of periodontium, orthodontia service, surgery tooth-extraction, tooth-implant, to the repair of removable denture etc. On the purpose of providing better and convenient services to the general public, our section insists in providing services even at weekend, and lunch break. The general public can make an appointment for first treatment and further treatments at a relatively lower registration fee, which are convenient to the general public. The doctors and nurses has been working for many years with rich clinical experience, and have many learning opportunities on their special fields, therefore, they can provide better medical service to each patient.