TCM department

  TCM department is affiliated to West China School Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University and is the first department that combines featured TCM therapies and stomatological diseases in West China. TCM department sticks to the clinical model of scientific research, teaching and clinical practice, adheres to integral syndrome differentiation of traditional medicine and individualized therapeutic methods and fully plays features of traditional Chinese meridians and viscera regulation. It also brings in methods in TCM such as internal and external therapy, acupuncture, acupoint injection, cupping, sanfu-moxibustion and sanjiu-moxibustion into treatment of oral diseases.

  Scope of diagnosis and treatment: application of TCM soup, TCM powder, TCM pills and other formulations to treat recurrent aphtha, burning mouth syndrome, oral lichen planus, non-halitogenic halitosis, sjogren syndrome, swelling and aching of gum and other diseases; application of rehabilitation methods in TCM such as acupuncture, needle-knife, massage for facial paralysis, prosopalgia, prosopospasm, temporo mandibular joint disorders, head and neck pain and other diseases, nursing patients after receiving head and neck neoplasms and mouth neoplasms surgery and reducing complications.