Bone Research

  Bone Research (CN 51-1745/R,ISSN 2095-4700) was founded in 2013. As a new English-language periodical, Bone Research focuses on basic and clinical aspects of bone biology, pathophysiology and regeneration, and supports the foremost discoveries resulting from basic investigations and clinical research related to bone. The aim of the Journal is to foster the worldwide dissemination of research in bone-related physiology, pathology, diseases and treatment. The editorial board is an international group of distinguished researchers. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Zhou Xue-dong from Sichuan University, the Founding Editor is Professor Xu Cao from Johns Hopkins University and the Executive Editor-in-Chief is Professor Thomas L. Clemens from Johns Hopkins University. The Associate Editors are also composed of top researchers in bone science both at home and abroad. Bone Research encourages manuscripts submissions from all parts of the world and strives for rapid review and publication of accepted manuscripts.