West China School/Hospital of Stomatology,Sichuan University is a national center for dental scientific research and clinical technology innovation. The national research platforms include the State Key Laboratory of Oral Disease, the National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases, the State Institute of Drug/Medical Device Clinical Trial, National Institute for Stem Cell Clinical Research, International Cooperation Research Center for Oral Disease, National Joint Engineering Research Center of Oral Regenerative Medicine, and eight National Key Clinical Departments covering all the major clinical specialties. The school/hospital has also established several research platforms and database such as dental wear simulation platform, bone research platform, taste research platform, molecular diagnostic platform for genetic oral diseases, innovative research platform for oral products, the high-efficiency cell culture and high-throughput sequencing platform, database for Chinese oral microbiome, database for clinical oral pre-cancer and cancer, and database for oral cleft lip and palate.

  The school/hospital has published two English Journals, the International Journal of Oral Sciences and the Bone Research, which were indexed by Science Citation Index. Both journals are well recognized and cited by international academic professionals, and ranked in the Q1 catalog of scientific journals in dentistry/bone biology field.

  The hospital has obtained all kinds of grants, such as grants from the National Key R & D Program of China, the Natural Science Foundation of China. The number of SCI publications and the number of Excellent Papers in the school/hospital has ranked the top one in the field of stomatology in China for the past decades. The school/hospital has also been awarded a number of science and technology awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award. During the last 20 years, West China School/Hospital of Stomatology has been ranked the first place in the National First - Class Disciplines Evaluation by the Ministry of Education of China. In 2018, the school/hospital was ranked A plus in the 1th China University Professional-Degree Rankings. In 2018, the hospital won the first place in the National Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) Ranking System for the fifth straight time.