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2018 International Frontier Forum for 11…

2018 International Frontier Forum for 111th Anniversary of West China School of Stomatology was held on October 23, 2018, at the lecture hall of West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University. Prof. Martha Somerman from National Institutes of Health, Prof. Peter Lelkes from Temple University, Prof. Michael Razzoog from University of Michigan, Prof. Marianella Sierraalta, Prof. Richard Conley from State University of New York, joined this event with our alumni, Dr. Oyang Hongjiao associate professor from Texas A&M University, Dr. Liu Fei associa… More>>

Medical Treatment

  • Our Hospital

    The West China Hospital of Stomatology is known as the oldest stomatological hospital in China. The … More>>

  • The Faculties

    Faculty of Orthodontics Faculty of orthodontics has been well known as the earliest base established… More>>


PhD Student MentorsName: Zhou Xuedong, Professor Education: 1977-1980 Sichuan Medical College, Bachelor degree1982-1985 West China Universityof Medical Science, Master degree1985… More>>

Academic Research

Two English journals published by our school, International Journal of Oral ScienceandBone Research, have been selected to join the national exhibition showcasing China's key achievements over the past five years in the Beijing Exhibition Center on September 25, 2017. Only 20 academic journals take the pride in this event which President Xi Jinping visited by himself. International Journal of Oral Scienceand Bone Research have been recognized as the wo… More>>